About Us

We believe in Taste & Quality

Pars Behbood Asia Food Emulsifiers Co. with the aim of technology localization improvement and certain food emulsifiers production, began its researches in 2003 and by 2007 it has achieved technical knowledge and production technology of these products in industrial scale.

By now we have succeeded to produce Monoglycerid Esters (CITREM (E472c), DATEM (E472a)), Stearoyl Lactilates (CSL (E482), SSL(E481)), Polyglycerol Esters (PGE(e475)) and Sorbitan Esters (SMS (E491)) with EMUPARS brand and due to their acceptable and favorable quality which are produced under the supervision of quality control specialists and Europe standards, we’ve got to this important to allocate a significant part of the market to ourselves.

Our products are mainly used in bakery products and in different types of bread, cake pastries, jelly cake, meat products and dairy products formulations.

Our specialists are programming for producing other emulsifiers in food industry such as DGMS(E471) and STS(E492) in the near future and also after experimental steps, we will be able to produce these products in industrial scale.


We are committed to a sustainable future

Our company tried to have national producing; we are doing our best to improve country’s food industry productions. We hope that our efforts in this industry make domestic consumption and Persian goods more prominent. Our mission is not limited to this. We make better-tasting products that also meet consumers’ complete nutritional needs. To this end, we are committed to a continuous improvement, an ongoing process and a strategy to secure our sustainable growth.